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Swimming Pool Service Plans

Residential swimming pool service plans are provided as weekly maintenance & billed monthly.

Plan A  -  Weekly Chemistry Maintenance
Responsible for furnishing the required chemicals and maintaining the correct water chemistry in the pool….a series of water tests will be conducted on each weekly visit. The results of these tests will determine the chemicals that are needed to maintain and assure purity and water balance of pool. This plan does not provide for any of the maintenance tasks associated with pool ownership…such as filter cleaning, vacuuming, brushing, or tile cleaning. These tasks are to be performed by the homeowner.  
$55.00  Per Month (Average Pool) 10,000 Gallons
No Contract Needed!  239-265-8940 FREE POOL SURVEY!
OUR MOST POPULAR PLAN................ 
Plan B  -  Weekly Chemistry & Cleaning Maintenance
Water chemistry is maintained as above plus responsible for the care and cleaning of the filter, pump and skimmer baskets, weekly surface skimming, brushing of side walls, floor, and as needed pool vacuuming.
$88.00  Per Month (Average Pool) 10,000 Gallons
No Contract Needed!  239-265-8940 FREE POOL SURVEY!
Upgrade - Weekly vacuuming and filter cartridge cleaning. 

$155.00  Per Month (Average Pool) 10,000 Gallons
239-265-8940  Plus Guaranteed Rate Lock For One Full Year!


Each additional (50 - 5,000) Gallons = $25.00 per month additional service charge.
Additional Pool Services
Pool Repair / Installations / Labor Rate: $95.00 hr (Open Rate) 
GREEN POOL Clean up starting at $99.00 Free pool survey with guaranteed price!
Lanai Pressure Washing starting at $149.00 Free job survey with guaranteed price!

After All, Aren't They Worth It?

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We offer our 100% Satisfaction
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any contract. If you are for any
reason unsatisfied, you may

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We look forward to servicing
your pool! 

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Commercial Swimming Pool Services starting at $695 Per Month. Free onsite pool survey with guaranteed rate. Some restrictions may apply to maintenance rates due to size, condition and access. Service schedules are 2-3 visits per week depending on requirements. Pool Supply Store

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Water chemistry is maintained  plus responsible for the care
and cleaning of the filter, pump,
skimmer baskets, surface skimming, 
brushing of side walls and floor,
as needed vacuuming

$88.00 Month!



$55.00 Month!
Water chemistry is maintained. 



Bring Your Neighbor's Pool
and be REWARDED!

Green Pool Clean Up!

Starting at $99.00


Lanai Pressure Washing
Starting at



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